68 Roces

Discover the new address of privilege in Quezon City

Rising in the business and entertainment district along Don Alejandro Roces Avenue in Quezon City, 68 ROCES presents a one-of-a kind neighborhood that is upscale and secure.

68 ROCES takes security to the next level with a high perimeter wall with an electrified fence on top, 24/7 security, CCTV systems at the main entrance gate and a perimeter separating the wall from the nearest residential unit.

68 ROCES introduces the Green Pathway, a 2.5 meter wide grass-layered passage between residential clusters. The Green Pathway stretches along the entire neighborhood, allowing families the chance to walk, stroll, jog and bike away from vehicular traffic.

With two car ports each, choose from a 3-bedroom to an expansive 4-bedroom Luxury Residence that offers the best in accessibility and convenience, world-class amenities, top-notch security, all packed in a modern city enclave you will be proud to call home . Now, that's a privilege above others for you and your family.

Located in a 3.3 hectare city enclave along Roces Avenue in Quezon City, 68 ROCES is set to redefine luxury residential living in the Quezon City area.

68 Roces is strategically located in the center of Quezon City near private schools, hospitals, and shopping centers.


Townhouse Features

* Garden Area with direct access to pedestrian walkway
* Private Laundry and Wash Area
* 5.7 meter high loft-type ceiling for living room and dining room
* Option to convert Family Room into Den as part of Master's Bedroom (2nd Floor)
* Two Master's Bedroom per unit

Green Living
Natural Light and Cross Ventilation is a major consideration in the design and planning. This allows residents to lessen their dependence on artificial lighting and air conditioning which allows the whole community to potentially reduce their energy consumption

Airflow Diagram

Sun Path Diagram

Feng Shui was harmoniously incorporated in the masterplan and townhouse architecture under the guidance of Master Charlie Chao


Unit Types

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TOTAL AREA 158 sqm
LOT AREA 81 sqm

Floor plans:
Ground Floor
2nd Floor
3rd Floor

TOTAL AREA 198 sqm
MIN. LOT AREA 101 sqm
MAX. LOT AREA 123 sqm

Floor plans:
Ground Floor
2nd Floor
3rd Floor
4th Floor

TOTAL AREA 200 sqm
LOT AREA 91.2 sqm

Floor plans:
Ground Floor
2nd Floor
3rd Floor


Click here to view Master Plan

TOTAL AREA 238 sqm
MIN. LOT AREA 101 sqm
MAX. LOT AREA 123 sqm

Floor plans:
Ground Floor
2nd Floor
3rd Floor
4th Floor




Model Units



Families can discover and enjoy 68 ROCES' private amenities that are truly satisfying to the senses. Enjoy a pool party at the 28-meter swimming pool. Stay fit thru a leisurely walk or jog along the vehicle-free pedestrian walkways that connect the community. Let your kids build new friendships at the fun wet and dry kiddie playground. Or hold parties and intimate gathering in the uniquely-designed Clubhouse.

* Clubhouse ( Click here to view Clubhouse Floor Plan)
* 20-meter wide lush landscaped Amenity Area Children’s Playground
* Two Pools
o Adult Swimming Pool
(approx. 8 meters x 28 meters)
o Children’s Swimming Pool
(approx. 6 meters x 6 meters)
* Wide 20 meter lush landscaped amenity area
* 2.5 meter wide green pathway ( Click here to view layout )


* Secure Gated Community
* 24 hour Security
* CCTV System at the Main Entrance Gate
* Electrified Perimeter Face (Click here to view layout)
* Road Lined Perimeter


Price List



68 Roces, exclusive, upscale, and secure

68 Roces Vicinity Map: Minutes away from commercial establishments


Elecrified Perimeter Fences allow for exclusive and unparalleled security

Fun filled gatherings for friends and families at the uniquley designed Clubhouse

Walk around the townhouse's green pathways










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